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Watkins Glen is the site of my next T1 race. Friday we started the day off with the first of three scheduled test sessions at the fabled race track.

My first laps were quite an experience: this place is really intimitating! Lots of baby-blue Armco and catch-fencing. I am more used to run off spaces in critical areas. Anyways, it takes me a few laps to get the handle on things. I was out on the track for about 25 minutes, and the last 5 laps I was able to knock off one second per lap until the end. My best lap was a 2:09 "something." The current track record is a low 2:08. Pretty good, huh? yeah, right, until you realize that John Heinricy aid down a 2:04 in the same session. Oh! the humility of it all! :cry:

The 2nd and 3rd sessions were held in the rain. Because we are not expecting rain on Sunday, I decide not to take to the course anymore for the day. I am chomping at the bit to better my times, but that will have to wait until the first sessions on Saturday.

This is a big field for T1 this weekend. We are expecting 18 cars! Scotty White and his 2 Vipers are here, plus a whole contigent of North East division drivers. This should be fun.

Gotta go to the track now! DMP
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