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Pocono is the site of the Northeast division's double national, which also is the last national race weekend for our division. We have a full field showing up for this event.

I have never been on this track before (reoccuring theme this year), so I felt completely lost on Friday during practice. On top of the lost feeling, I never got any lap times during the day, so I had no idea how far "off" I was compared to everyone else. I just hoped to qualify someone near the middle of the pack so I can learn how to get around the course.

Our session on Saturday morning was the second qualifying session (the first was Friday afternoon, but we went out on a wet track), so I gave it the old "college try." Results of qualifying just cracked me up (because I was surprised):

1. Andrew Aquilante (Viper) 1:39.284
2. John Yarocz (C6) 1:41.267
3. John Heinricy (C5) 1:41.304
4. David Pintaric (C5) 1:42.005
5. Joe Aquilante (C5) 1:42.243
6. Bob Kahn (C5) 1:42.399
7. Evan Kesselman (C5) 1:42.614
8. Jason Berkeley (C5) 1:43.443
9. Pete Kulka (C5) 1:44.555
10. Cliff Murray (C5) 1:45.812
11. Judi Warren (C5) 1:49.157

I got this qualifying time after only 7 dry laps on Friday morning, so I am looking forward to going faster the next time I qualify, which is Sunday morning.

The race had some "complications." John Heinricy's car broke during qualifying (hence his slower than normal time), so he took over Joe Aquilante's car. Joe drove a T2 Caddilac CTS-V, so both of them started in the back of the field. Hence I went from 4th to 3rd on the grid immediately (yeah, me).

I got a poor start at the green flag, I was in third gear and rreally should have been in 2nd. It did not caused me any issues as I held onto 3rd place going into the first turn, but I need to make a mental note of this: AJ likes slow starts to take advantage of the Viper's V10 torque.

I am chasing John Yarocz in his C6 for 5 laps when his spins in front of me going into Turn One. No drama for me, as I was about 3-4 cars behind. Suddenly I am running in second place, but not for long. There is this issue of John Heinricy, 7-time national champion, behind me. But I did not know he was closing so fast! It turns out he went from 45th in the field to 10th by the end of the first lap. Lap 3 had him in 5th place. He caught me faster than I expected. While I was being held up by lapped cars, he swoops by and takes second from me. Oh well, no shame in getting passed by him.

The race ends up fairly uneventful for me (make note of that Brad!). I get third:

1. Andrew Aquilante 1:41.150
2. John Heinricy 1:40.891 (new track record)
3. David Pintaric 1:42.374
4. Jason Berkeley 1:43.636
5. Evan Kesselman 1:43.606
6. Cliff Murray 1:44.623
7. John Yarocz 1:41.579
8. Pete Kulka 1:43.090
9. Judi Warren 1:48.005
10. Bob Kahn 1:42.273 (DNF)

Not a bad day at all. Sunday is another day at the races. I hope to do as well, because that will help secure a 2nd place divisional points finish.


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Cool post. Good job on the podium.

I'm new here on Z06vette and it seems there are not very many roadracers. I've only raced motorcycles (dirt and pavement) so I'll be asking questions of you guys that understand how to go fast in a car.

Here's the first question: What is the best way to improve the handling on a stock 2002? Or what are my options?

Thanks, Dog
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