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01's are the Speedline forged wheels. They are like brand new, except one front wheel having small curb rash. Could be easily fixed. The others are spotless. Car only has 8,200 miles. On the rims are brand new Nitto R2's with less than 300 miles on them, and no burnouts. I am selling to get new Iforged wheels.

Price is $1800, and I'll ship at your expense, or meet someone half way a reasonable distance (like say up to 200 miles for both of us). I will take paypal if you pay the fees.

Some may think it's a bit pricey, but if I can't get the right money I'm not convinced I want to sell them and step up....


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You probalbly have the stock 2001 Z06 "Alcoa" Forged wheels not Speedline Spuncast wheels.

Z06 OEM GM wheel part numbers:

If I list 2 numbers the first is off a wheel that was shipped from the factory on a Z06 and the second number is from the GM Parts Direct website.

What I have found in my research.

2001 to Early 2002 - Alcoa Z06 Forged Wheels
Front: 9593803 & 9593804 - Wheel size: 17x9.5, Wheel Wt. – 19.6 lbs.
Rear: 9593805 & 9593806 - Wheel size: 18x10.5, Wheel Wt. – 21.4 lbs.

Early/Mid 2002 to 2004 - Speedline Wheels Z06 Spuncast Wheels
Front: 9594808 & 9594809 - Wheel size: 17x9.5, Wheel Wt. – 19.2 lbs.
Rear: 9594810 & 9594811 - Wheel size: 18x10.5, Wheel Wt. – 21.0 lbs.
(I understand Bowling Green put 2001 wheels onto early 2002 Z06's until they ran out of the 2001 Z06 wheels.)

2004 Z16
Part Numbers from GM Parts Direct, If anyone can tell me what the part number of the Z16 wheels are that came from the factory on your Z16 I would appreciate it.
Front: 9595433
Rear: 9595434

The 2001 wheels are slightly heavier as they are forged vs. the early/mid 2002 to 2004 Z06 wheels which are spuncast. The 2001wheels are a bit darker in color, and there spokes have a sharper edge and early/mid 2002 to 2004 Z06 wheel spokes edges are bit more rounded off. The easiest way to tell the difference is by feeling the rim on the backside of every other spoke, there is a indentation on the 2002 and up rims and on the 2001's the backside of the spokes are smooth.
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