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Service Active Handling Soon Light coming on

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I had the car in the shop yesterday for my Active Handling light coming on. It would occasionally say it was warming up then warm up complete. I would be just driving down the road and the bell would go off and the service light would come on. This happened the day I picked it up at the museum and then about 3 or 4 times after that. I reset the codes once to see if it would go away but it came on soon afterwards.

This is what the dealer did when I took it into the shop.

He found Code:C1288H.
He found a service bulletin for this code and did a reporgram of the body control module per the service bulletin.

That is all the details that I have. Maybe the Vette DR can add some detail on the service bulletin.
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Hi Phil,
The bulletin is 01-05-25-004, and it is for a reprogram of the ABS module.
The 1288 code is for the steering wheel position sensor, and it is not the fault of the sensor.
The ABS module is not reading the sensor signals correctly, therefore, the reprogram is necessary to correct the condition.
Best to ya, c4c5
Phil, I hope its fixed. Did you get your car washed yet from the Sunday rain? See ya.
Thanks Doc and I hope this will help any others on the forum in case they run into the same problem.

By the way Ron I have not been able to wash the car and it is driving me mad. I also had to drive the car to the dealer and back in rush hour traffic and rain. It is also eating me up that someone else drove my car for 2 miles. I can never get those 2 miles back.
I just posted a similar thread on the misc. section(did not see your post.
My probelm went away when I restarted the car, (for now). How do you check to see what code it was?
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