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Shipping Info for exaust or big parts

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Found out to ship exaust uncut it was 120.00 bucks by ups :eek: And if I cut it only 30 bucks . I found shipping through a common carrier(holland, for example) was only 60 bucks, plus I used a GIANT box with lots of padding :yeadog:
Thought this might help someone -Clint :guiness:
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I bubble wrapped and duct tapes uncut exhuast and shipped by UPS through work for about $30-$35.
I use Fedex, I believe their cheaper on bigger but lighter boxes then UPS :yeadog:
Common carrier or LTL is the way to go on things like this. Minimum is around $75 on most carriers, so $60 is a great rate. Did you use a company account, or just ship as an individual?

Something else I almost forgot, DHL is also very good with oversized pkgs. :)
I used the company account :thumb: Good to have friends in the shipping dept. :jammin: -Clint
1 - 5 of 5 Posts
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