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Sorry this took so long, but were are shorthanded and the phones are non-stop.

IMPORTANT: IF YOU HAVE A 2002 T-1 SIDEWINDER- Chris cut the wrong end of the elbow on all those shipped last month and this month.

Check your SideWinder carbon fiber elbow. The longer radius should be notched rather than the shorter tighter radius.

The SideWinder he assembled for our dyno, was incorrectly cut as well.

Here's the problem: When the MAF inlet is inserted into the shorter tighter radius (wrong way) you can feel a giant gap on the inside of the elbow where it meets the MAF outlet. This causes extreme turbulence at the wire sensor and slow the velocity of the airflow. Very poor performance.

Here's the fix: Turn the elbow around to that the longer radius (straighter section) is the end accepting the MAF. You will have to cut slots with a hacksaw to allow the carbon fiber to compress when the hose clamps are tightened. The slots should look just like the ones at the other end.

If you cannot do this yourself, ship it back and we will do it. Takes about 2 munutes. Do not cut them to long or you will have an airleak.

The rest of the instructions shortly today.


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Jim, Was this only for 2002 and not 2001 shipped in the past few weeks. I had mine installed this morning on my 2001. I am curious if I need to take mine off and check. Please let me know if it affects the recent 2001s?


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