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I was not making much headway with my local dealer (he still didn't have Z06 pricing in his computer system!!) where I "ordered" a 2002 Z06 last month. I called Kristen at Kerbeck. With two phone calls I got one of their on-order cars complete w/ order number and TPW of 8/13.

What a difference in dealerships. Kristen knew her stuff and had me squared away in no time, all for the same price I was getting locally.

Because of all the fine folks on this forum, I knew the importance of having an order number and a TPW. As someone once posted here, "if you don't have an order number, you don't have an order". This is a great website and it has enhanced the buying experience for my first Corvette. Thank you and thank you Kristen at Kerbeck.

Gotta go sweep out the garage and get ready..... /phpBB/images/smiles/icon_biggrin.gif

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Congrats on the order and TPW. I feel the same about this forum! The amount of mis-information out there is huge.

I thank everyone on this forum for their experience and sharing of information. It makes my Vette ownership so much more enjoyable!

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