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I would suggest the 1 day DRIVING school at a bare minimum. I would go so far as to suggest the 3 day RACING school, but for the average Joe it's a little pricy. But I'll tell ya what, you really get your money's worth. The happy medium would be the 2 day DRIVING school, where you'll learn a ton about car control for street driving and auto crossing.

As for seat time in the Viper, I really wouldn't worry about what you drive, since the purpose is car control. You don't need big tires and HP to learn how to control a car.

Any of the schools are held at tracks all over the country. Personally, I would pick a place like Sebring, Laguna, or Road America to take the school. Legendary tracks and beautiful scenery make the experience that much better (Lime Rock is a little small, but very beautiful).
1 - 1 of 8 Posts
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