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Slowest Z06??? Did I win??

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First off let me disclaim and say it is not the driver. I have bracket raced for several years and was actually track champion 2 of those.
With that being said only did 2 runs and left because so disgusted.
8.61 at 88mph
13.02 at 110.97

and then
8.63 at 88mph
13.01 at 111.99

Car had such bad wheel hop I couldn't get on gas until after 1/8 mile and any powershift was met with violent car breaking in half feeling of wheel hop which made me lift throttle.

Car feels well capable of mid to low 12's with no wheel hop. How do you all do it??
First launch was 2,500rpm partial clutch.
Second was with TC on and off idle launch.
6,500 rpm shifts (which I think is to high).
Going back on friday.
It simply is a matter of principal and pride now.
What launches and shift points work??
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The technique that works best for me, is to dump the clutch at 1800 and powershift (don't lift the gas pedal) at 6300. You should be able to get in the mid 12's.

Good luck!
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