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So, Darth Vetters Black Z06 was spanked by a Z28???

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posted January 22, 2001 12:45 AM
Only in Houston! Last night we all cruised out to the usual racing hot spot and on the way we got to see what the "Darth Vader" car could do. This is the Z06 that has heads cam done by Hennesey "The Viper people" not the "LS1 people". From what the Z06's driver said one would think this car is grossly fast.
The race: Quasar Vs Z06
winner: Quasar by two and pulling away
loser: black Z06

Camaro Z28 white hardtop = $23,000
Z06 Corvette = Close to $50,000
z28 beating a car twice the price = PRICELESS

Wow this Z06 did beat the CXI corvette!!!

The camaro has MTI Heads and cam and runs on stock GSC's.

The Z06 has Hennesey heads and cam and supercar tires.

It will be interesting to see what happens next week.

All in all the races where fair and both drivers where cool.

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posted January 22, 2001 01:24 AM
Daniel, I enjoyed the race against Jon Paul (Darth Vetter). It is true that I did pull on him, but he did have his wife in the car with him and he complained about his clutch sticking during shifts. Unfortunately my clutch is also spinning thanks to my one and only trip with full slicks on my car @ HRP.
I would like to see a rematch once we both get clutches and he runs solo. The Z06 is quick and shouldn't be taken lightly.

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posted January 23, 2001 12:20 AM
First of all it was nice to meet some of you guys Sat. night. Alot of fast cars around town. It's good to see all of that HP on the street.
Quasar(Leo) Your car runs good, nice to see you still on the scene after all these years. I hope you will give me another opportunity once my clutch issues have been resolved. Thanx for the compliment about my wife.

9 Ball I told my wife about your comment & she started laughing, hope to see you out soon.

2000Z Theres always somebody faster, I don't know about'grossly' fast, but 124 MPH w/ 2.14 60' on street tires, Naturally Aspirated, Stock Displacement with just a Heads/ Cam Pkg, that isn't even "dialed-in" yet, ain't too shabby.
But that, of course is just my opinion.

C5 I don't think my wife would appreciate your insinuating that she weighs 400 lbs. LOL

9SecStang I did run the CXI car 3 times later in the evening when my clutch fluid had cooled, but I wasn't trying to speed shift the car then( I had been,speed shifting ,playing around on the feeder on the way out to Brittmore, I was told afterwards that you can't really do that with these cars)
The CXI car was spraying( I don't know how much), & I was in front by about 1 & 1/2 cars each time.

The problem with my clutch is that while shifting under WOT, the clutch peddle would literally stay down to the floor, I had to hook my foot behind it & pull it back. ??? I couldn't shift to the next gear. I don't know if my stock clutch can't handle the extra power or I was boiling the fluid or what. If any of you have had a similar experience or a solution I would appreciate any suggestions. We are trying to resolve the issue in the meantime.




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w/2.14 60' I NEED DRAG RADIALS!!!

Hope you spank him the next time Darth.



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As stated before, I let off on the run because I couldn't shift. I guess if that's gettin spanked. Then I did. /ubb/smilies/rolleyes.gif



Z500 #1

500 HP & 471 TQ

425.3 RWHP & 400.3 RWTQ (SAE 0.93 CF)

BEST TIME(3rd time ever @ Track & Traction limited)
11.90 @ 123.76 MPH
w/2.12 60' I NEED DRAG RADIALS!!!
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Darth......bummer. I'm sure the outcome will be different once the clutch issue is resolved.


2001 Torch Red Z06
what a dick digin up the oldies

I have the exact same problem as you. Clutch pedal sticking to the floor after some hard runs.:( A friend of mine, who also happens to have a Z, changed out the clutch fluid and said the problem went away. I'm gonna give it a shot as well. Good luck!:cheers:
Jon Paul,

Have you drilled out the restriction in the line yet?
No matter how fast a car is..sometimes you win..and sometimes you don't..Darth..sounds like your wife is one cool lady..Congrats on both the car and the wife..

How much did you lower your Z?! Looks really low in your Sig. AND Kewl!!
01ZEE06 said:

How much did you lower your Z?! Looks really low in your Sig. AND Kewl!!

Hey thanks:) Not sure how low, but only a 2 finger gap in front and 1 in the rear :D I scrape everywhere, but well worth it!:crazy: Take care. :cheers:
Here is another pic:) :cheers:
Hey guys, sorry it took me a while to respond. GEEZ, how the heck does somebody drag up a year old thread???

I replaced the stock clutch with the Cartek unit with adj. master cyl. & got an unrestricted line from More Performance. It seems to have fixed the prob. We are going to install the new SPEC clutch on a customers car shortly. It is supposed to have a better Pressure plate that will prevent this "Stuck Pedal" syndfrome from happening. We'll see.
I have the Stage III Carbon from Star (Spec).

It seems to hold up to hard shifts pretty well.

Will you be installing the Carbon or Ceramic?
No matter how much money you spend there is always someone faster.......
I've had the pleasure of dining with Darth and his Wife the day he picked up the car in BG, and yes, a lucky man to say the least.

Beautiful woman:)...said with all due respect JP.;) The car then, and now, ain't bad either.:D

Thx RG, we hope to see you at the next shin-dig. I need to talk to you about parts aquisitions. Can you E-mail me your or & call me at the shop. 281-821-3559.
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