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OK - here is the situation at hand..

I sold my Ripper which was used for about 2 weeks to someone... they said that the ripper was "stripping" his threads on his knob... I had some plastic looking thread "debris" when I installed mine as well, but just chalked it upto plastic VS metal, as well as the "slot" for the "plug" to stop it from rotating...

I got this in a E-mail the other day ------

Well I guess the "plug" spread the shaft at the split, I put a grade 8 nut, 9/16-18 on it to try to squeeze it back to the right size, it took most of the threads off. I guess it is screwed. Any ideas?


Which is where we stand now... if I did spread it, I will be more than happy to give this person the money back... but I can't beleive the Ripper is a 1 time install... I see people selling them all the time.

Looking for some advice on this one... I do not want to be as ass... nor do I want to be taken advantage of.

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There are many people out there that do not take responsibility for their actions when buying a product then breaking it.
They try to pull that shit on me.
My advise, tell him to take it to a machine shop and have it threaded again.
5 min. job.
And yes I have had both my rippers in and out of my cars.

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Wait a minute... This guy stripped the threads on the RIPPER itself?! And he did so with a NUT?! I don't get this at all...

The Ripper's threads (when new, anyway) are very sharp and precise. I can see it recutting (not STRIPPING) the inside threads of a cheap knob (re: the stock one). But as for stripping the Ripper's threads, I just don't get that.

If this guy DID strip the threads on the Ripper by forcing a nut down on it, then shame on HIM. After the first 1/4 turn, he should have known if the damn nut was going on properly or not. And for him to twist the nut all the way down on it, and THEN see that it wrecked all the threads, well... That's moronic.

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