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Hey All,

We just wanted to let folks get an idea of our everyday pricing. Since we are now in a partnership with Next Level Performance in Orlando, FL. the owner, Mike Norris, and myself want to be sure folks are treated with excellent quality at a fair price. This does not mean that we are attempting to be the cheapest price-wise by any means nor slashing prices to make sales. Myself personally have never claimed to be the least expensive, and definitely not the most expensive either. Again, we want folks to have the best customer service and experience as well as being treated fairly in the pocket. We do our best to treat folks as we want to be treated.

Here I am going to give some examples of our everyday pricing you will find at both shops. This will pertain to C5’s as well as the C6's on the naturally aspirated side of things.

LSx AFR Basic Heads and Cam Package - $4595 Installed & Tuned.
This includes:
Standard 1510 AFR 205 LSx Cylinder Heads Complete
Comp Cams camshaft, choice of grind up to 226/230 XER.
Comp Cams moly pushrods.
All associated gaskets, bolts and seals.
NGK Spark Plugs.
Oil & Filter.
Professional installation.
Full NLP LS1/2 Edit Chassis Dynotune

The reason we limit the cam size at this particular size is mainly the limitations of the standard spring package. All package can upgrade to comp 26921 springs as well a milling them for compression which then allow for a larger cam. Fly cutting the pistons may be required depending on cam and milling choice.

LSx AFR Stage 2 Heads and Cam Package - $7195 Installed & Tuned.
Same package as above plus:
AFR 1510’s milled to your desired compression ratio.
Upgrade to Comp Cams 26921 valve springs and hardware.
Choice of longtube headers (LG, Kooks, SW, Dynatech) w/ high flow catalytic converters.
Comp Cam “R” lifters.
GM Performance Parts spark plug wires.
Fly cut stock pistons as needed.
Lower temp thermostat.
Professional Installation.
Full NLP LS1/2 Edit Chassis Dynotune.

We did not mention air intake or exhaust as most folks usually have done these at the very start. We certainly can add a halltech Stinger or TRAP as well as any GHL, Corsa, Borla or B&B exhaust as needed. There is also the options of underdrive pulley, 90mm intake and throttle body, larger fuel injectors, etc. We can do it all while meeting your needs and expectations.

I can also give an example of our forced induction side of things.

Intercooled Satin Magnacharger Base Installed Price - $6795 plus tax. No Hood Included, but Required.
This includes:
Intercooled satin Magnacharger package.
Base tuning included with the Magnacharger supercharger kit.
Complete professional install.
Before and after dyno runs.

Again, this does not include a hood. We do this as first, we are not a body shop, but we do have an excellent one to deal with that has done several for us. Second, there are a few different choices that will fit the Magnacharger and the prices vary greatly. I would say to plan on as little as $14-1500 and as much as $3500. Yep, there is a big range.

Options for these packages are custom NLP tuning, gauges, fuel system upgrades past the Magnacharger setup, nitrous or alcohol injection, smaller pulleys, polished units, blower cam & spring upgrade, longtube headers, exhaust, etc.

We are working on some promotions that folks should find interesting also down the road. These three items are just a very small sampling of what we can handle. As most folks know, we can do about anything from a simple air filter swap to a full tilt forced induction 427 as well as complete drivetrain, suspension and brakes upgrades. We do just about everything except paint work.

Thanks for reading and we look forward to hearing from our current and prospective customers. We also appreciate any comments or input. Our new website is also up and running, but not completely done and will still take some time. You can visit the site at and you can call as always.

Rog Preston

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Those are some impressive packages and prices.

Thanks for the heads up!

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