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So I was walking down the street, and I was approached by a guy in fatigues. Ended up he had been in a foreign war and was selling daisies. So, I bought a daisy from this hardcore vet for, um, $1 (I think it was)...

Whoa! Did I just say "CORVETTE FORUM"?!?! Ack!!!

Seriously, though... The ONLY thing I'd like to see NOT happen between these two sites is for the info I'm looking for to get SO scattered that I have too many places to search for it. Seems that since the Z06 is based on the same (FRC) platform as the "other" C5's there's a lot of cross-over information to be given/gleaned -- and this stuff SHOULDN'T be pigeon-holed to one category or another.

In the CF, you could easily see (when someone put "Z06" in the heading) what a given post was about, and if you didn't want to read it, then you didn't. Were the Z06 posts taking up too much room or something? Were they annoying non-Z06 owners? Why stick those topics in a seperate folder? If I didn't want to read them, then I'd just skip them. I suppose I don't really get it.

Seems like this is the place to come for Z06 sharing now, since Z06 posts in the other plcae get kicked to another folder anyway. Might as well come to "the source" now. It's a shame, though, since I think there's probably a lot of good C5 info now in the other place that I'll not bother looking through anymore.


1 - 1 of 1 Posts
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