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Speculation of 2003 Z06

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Just curious what information or speculation you have on the 2003 Z06??

Because of the 50th. anneriversary models, do you think the Z06 may have a "new" color introduced? Or do you think the 50th model will be specific only to the coupe or vert?

Do they need to really up the horsepower on the Z06 in 03? They probably will sell enough cars that year anyway without making dramatic changes to the Z06.

What do you think??
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As the last year of the C-5, rumor has it that the LS-6 motor will grace all C-5s in 03. It is almost certain (given only a 5 HP gain in a 5 year run), that the 03 Coupe and Vert will have the 385 HP version +/-, thus it would make sense that the Z06 be bumped up to 425 HP or so. Just my guesstimate.
I predict the 2003 will remain the same across the board HP wise. I think the General is saving up for the C6...reduced mass and more HP. JMHO /phpBB/images/smiles/icon_biggrin.gif

LS6 will remain in the FRC
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427 motor (422 actually) - 500+ hp, 335/35x19 tire in rear, and cockpit emergency ejection seat (optional) /phpBB/images/smiles/icon_smile.gif /phpBB/images/smiles/icon_smile.gif ! No one knows - who knows ? No one ....period!
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...this from a super secret insider, AND THIS IS THE REAL STUFF:
•6.0liter •425 hp/425 tq. (Z06S) •0-60: 3.2 •11.9 1/4 mile •Pewter & Nassau Blue new colors •3-piece wheels built by Speedline•18x10 fronts & 19x13 rears •Real Sport-type seats (possibly Recaro built) •2995 lb dry weight •HUD: gone (bad idea) •Hurst shifter std. •H.I.D. lights •Mil Yellow: gone •QS: gone •$51,150 base (no options or shipping)

...I let the cat out...I'm a dead man. I should never have done this. The General's gonna get me. Help.

HarleyB (seein' you)
My best guess is that they will tweak the engine (maybe 425 hp) and tweak the suspension a bit. I can't believe they will do anything dramatic if it is the last year of the C5.
Supposedly, 2002 is the final year for the ZO6. Remembe that the 1963 ZO6 was a one year model, so consider ourselves lucky.
The C6 might be introduced in 2003 but that is anybody's guess.
Rumors have the new engine at about the 425 HP - 450 HP range, supposedly it is going to be a modified dual overhed cam Nortstar engine, which makes sense since the new Cadillac roadster is going to be built alongside the Corvette in Bowling Green. GM is ao thinking of modifying the exterior material used in Corette for the first time since it was introduced. GM is thinking about using an all-aluminum exterior along with an aluminum frame.
Why speculate about something you have no control over. If you have a Z06, enjoy it.
Hi there,
There will be a ZO6 in 03, and I am very sure that it will rock harder than the 02.
Best to all, c4c5

On 2001-06-17 22:14, Z06Bliss spewed forth this drivel:
No one knows - who knows ? No one ....period!

Wrong, there are people in the know, but they are not on the forums. Least ways they are not posting. I guarantee GM is watching this forum. Cars aren't developed one year and then as an after thought they are given changes for the next year.

On 2001-06-18 14:12, SMFCPACFP spewed forth this drivel:
Why speculate about something you have no control over.
Human nature /phpBB/images/smiles/icon_smile.gif
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It could have a zillion horsepower, 0-60 in under a second, capable of pulling 5 g's, and it still won't do me any good - my wife would kill me if I said I needed a new Vette this soon. /phpBB/images/smiles/icon_frown.gif

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On 2001-06-18 19:18, Manatee spewed forth this drivel:
My wife would kill me if I said I needed a new Vette this soon. /phpBB/images/smiles/icon_frown.gif
I know the feeling!! /phpBB/images/smiles/icon_frown.gif
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Quick! Take your '01 off the market, cancel the '02 order, and wait for the '03!

But I hear the '04 will have 850hp. /phpBB/images/smiles/icon_smile.gif
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Chevrolet already has buyers backed up out the door for the '03 Anniversary models. Also, I think that there will be little, if any additional development of the 346 ci LS-6 motor.

Given that they can produce only so many cars (I think 35 thousand or so?) and given the huge in-place demand mentioned above, what would make the most sense for Chevrolet to do?

IMHO, it might be the following: (1)"base" coupes and verts both auto and 6 speed with possibly slightly more powerful LS-1; (2) "Anniversary Package (appearance package)auto and 6 speed coupes and verts with same engine as (1); "limited run of "Special Performance Anniversary" coupes and verts - 6 speed only with 385 h/p LS-6; (4) Z06?? don't know - maybe a very limited 6 liter version?

Anyway, fun to speculate. I do not think any '03 with possible exception of a 6 liter Z06 will be a match for the '02 - course I am a bit biased here.
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I think BLEUBYU makes some good assumptions. GM should not have trouble selling 03's due to the 50th. anniversary model.

I agree that they will produce a coupe, vert or both in a "special" paint scheme and probably up the horsepower. This should allow them to sell all the Corvettes they need to (35,000 or so).

I suspect the Z06 will not be included in the "special " paint scheme, but who knows?!

I would be suprised if they introduce the 6 liter in the Z06, I think they will wait for the c-6. They may sqeak a little more HP out of the LS6, but that may not be necessary to sell out production of the 03's. But I do hope they do! "425" has a nice ring to it.

I am just happy to see GM constantly improving on an already world class car!

JMHO, who knows!
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There will be a Z06 in 2003.

Some of the items posted here make sense. For example. To get the LS6 from 405 to 425 or beyond could be done with Harley's explanation of a 6.0 litre engine. A little bore and stroke and voila - more juice.

As Hib's article said - something very special and highly collectible is planned for 2003.

I'm excited. Looks like I am going to be getting a new Corvette every year for the next couple of years. We have not had this much excitement in a long time !
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