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Spray for cleaning the wheels.

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What are you guys using, other then soap and water, to clean the wheels. Is their anything that sprays on, hose off and dry?

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Oh we wish....Luckily the Z wheels look dirty when they are clean! So, when they are actually dirty, they look clean!

Sweet GM.....


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On my Quicksilver Z06, I used a can of ArmorAll QUICKSILVER wheel cleaner. Did a good job of breaking down the dirt before using soap and sponge.

Nothiing I have tried gets 100% of the crud just by spraying and rinsing.It always takes a bit of elbow grease.


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I have been using Windex and paper towel on all of my vette wheels since 1982...wipe the water off first.
Lots of elbow grease here. I dont even really need soap as the brake dust comes off just by wiping it.
I use moist baby wipes.

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wheel cleaning -

i use a wheel cleaner by turtle wax. its a no acid formula and seems to work quite well at cutting brake dust on the wheels. i also spray my red brake calibers as well. one thing i got that works very well is this wheel brush - gets in everywhere except the area between the front caliber and the wheel. my procedure - spray the tire with wesleys tire cleaner - scrub with a soft brissle tire brush, then spray the wheel with the turtle wax cleaner and use the wheel cleaning brush with soap and water. rinse with water. hope this helps -

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Never found anything that doesn't need elbow grease.

Wet, spray with P21S Wheel Cleaner (PM me if you need source of supply). Use a fiber deep wheel brush and for the calipers and inside spokes use a soft bristle bottle brush ("L" the stem if you can get a wire stem brush).

When you pull wheels, wax the inside with a hard wax like Colinite "Insulator Wax"
Simple Green does well.
Someone on here posted a thread trying like 6 different types of wheel cleaners. They pulled a wheel and divided the inside of the barrel into different sections. They sprayed the different ones in the dif. sections, let sit and sprayed w/ no touching. The results were hevily in favor of Meguiar's Hot Rims. It was amazing to see how much actually came off w/ just a hose. It works great. That being said I don't use it anymore b/c I have CCWs w/ an uncoated aluminum lip. I let the stuff sit on too long and it etched my wheels (not the powdercoated part at all). It's taken tons of elbow grease to get them almost back. The Hot Rims is the shit for any coated or painted wheels, just not raw aluminum.

Just use simply green and a dish brush. This stuff is amazing in it's ability to clean things, I buy it by the gallon at Sam's Club.
Doesn't simple green hurt aluminum? Do yo dilute it or just not leave it on for long?
I just use soap / water and a sponge. Over time there is still brake dust that will not come off the inside, so I just pull them, clean & wax.
Pulling the wheels and putting a good coat of wax inside the "barrel" of the wheel helps a lot and makes the cleaning easier. If you don't track the car swap your pads for ceramics, this alone makes a world of difference. :thumb:
lots of scrubbing and then for the really nasty areas, i use a little WD-40 to get the grease off. its a PITA and i dont see how to avoid it. hahahahaha
My buddy owns a car wash company. I get commercial grade cleaners and dilute it. I put it in a pump up spray bottle and completely dowse the wheels. Then I used a surface brush and a small toilet type to clean the inside and outside of the whees.
Griot's Wheel Cleaner. Advertised as safe for all types of wheels & approved by BBS (mfg. of wheels for Ferrari, Lotus, Porsche, Audi, etc). Does not remove the brake dust as efficently as Meguiar's Hot Rims but I figured better safe than sorry. As others have posted, no way around the elbow grease.
I've used most of them and I think they're all about the same. I still have to use car wash and a sponge or brush. I'm hoping that when I put on the ceramic pads, it'l be better! :thumb:
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