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Also, Frank and I have had a conversation or 2 about what to do next.

We have some products coming as you all know, one of which should interest all C5 owners and some cool stuff. While this forum is and will remain our first love, we recognize that all Vette owners deserve a home to discuss their babies as well as a place to learn, relax and enjoy the common bond this car can bring. To group all Corvettes together is fine, but as we have all learned over the past 7 months, having a place to call your own is something special.

To that end, will be launching a sister site in the VERY near future. The new site will focus on the upcoming sixth generation Corvette and will hopefully provide owners with as much friendship and information as we have come to expect from I know that a decent portion of you plan on upgrading so this should come as quite a pleasant surprise, for the rest of you/us, rest assured that we will remain focused on keeping this the best Z06 site on the Internet.

Hopefully, Frank will join me as administrator of that site as well and we plan to take on some help in moderating and updating. Since I have redesigned this site with ease of update and scalability in mind, it should allow us more time ON the forums rather than BEHIND them.

We hope you welcome this addition to the family and that both forums can accomodate the level of quality and commradarie you've become accustomed to.

Thanks, we look forward to your feedback.

1 - 2 of 9 Posts
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