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I have a tranny for sell. I don't need it anymore as I am buying an older corvette and it won't fit the motor. So here is what it is. I just bought this off of ebay, but I am selling my 98 vette and don't need this anymore.

Stage 4 4L60-E;

Built by hand with the follwing parts:

· Parallel deck pump body and cover which eliminates hydraulic cross leaks
· Adjust pump rotor and slide clearance to .0015-.002 thousandths in a hand polished pocket.
· High rev pump slide spring
· Reinforced / staked pump bushing
· Port “ported slots” for increased hydraulic flow
· Heavy duty, hi rev. vane rings added for maximum pump output
· No stick, steel, oversize billet boost valve.
· Heavier boost valve spring/ shim added for maximum working line pressure
· Hardened, ported stator shaft with oversize bushings added. Stabilizes input shaft.
· Raybestos Hi-energy 2-4 band or Red Eagle Alto Band
· 7 Borg / Warner .065 hi energy frictions 3-4 clutch (4L65E)
· 29 element forward sprag borg warner
· 4L65E low roller clutch B/W
· H.D. Beast sun shell
· Rock drive hardened, balanced, sleeved input shaft & drum, with oversize coast clutch piston
· Borg Warner clutches thought
· New bushings, using wider where necessary for stability and balance, decreasing cross leaks/increasing durability
· New solenoids, altered stock gm
· Tested, soldered wiring harness
· Transgo HD-2 performance shift kit with 3 washers
· Transgo vacuum mod kit
· Corvette servo
· All accumulator pistons replaced and upgraded with aluminum pistons
· Correct end play for performance
· Enhanced PWM system to eliminate lock-up drag
· Increase Lube capacity
· Hardened galvanized control plate to handle the increased pressure requirements of a performance build.

This is a great tranny, and I didn't use it. I was told it was new when I bought it and it does look new so I concur. I will send a written 1 year warranty that it will not break if you don not exceed 700 RWHP, I think it can hold up to 750 RWHP, is what the guy told me. He seemed to know everything about it and about my car and LS1's in general so that is why I will send a 1 year written warranty with the tranny because I know it will work great.

This tranny cost me a little more than I bid on it for the fact that he threw in Fuddle Racing Performance 4000 stall converter brand new. I was going to get Fuddle to send it here, but I am just going to get them to send it to who ever buy the tranny.

Fuddle Racing TOrque Converter SpecsFront Cover:
The pilots and pads are precision machined to be exactly perpendicular and concentric to each other. This greatly alleviates stress on the flexplate.

The clutch surface is precision machined to be precisely parallel to the outer pads. Clutch shudder is reduced, giving maximum hold and a much more solid locking and locked feel. The precision machining diminishes unevenness on the front cover itself. By fabricating an incredibly even and well balanced front cover, all around converter feel is better at all times.

A carbon metallic clutch lining is custom bonded in house, providing each converter with a high quality clutch assembly.

Our stators are modified with accordion springs that use three additional folds. These stronger springs put extra force onto the roller, giving a faster roller reaction. This translates into better throttle response both on the street and at the track.

Inner Race of Stator:
By developing a custom inverted design on the inner race, we have extended the race rearward allowing 200 thousandths more spline engagement than common models and designs. This extra engagement is important considering the 4L60-Es penchant for wearing stator splines.

We use only all new genuine Torrington thrust bearings.

We use a unique process of hand gusset-welding on the fins. It is more expensive and time consuming than other more commonly used methods. The process provides tremendous strength and durability.

Ballooning Plate:
All converters use a 3/8" thick ballooning plate for added rigidity.

Our hub is machined from medium carbon (AISI 1035) steel. The hub is fully hardened and tempered (heat treated) and uses the maximum possible thickness for added strength.

So here it is folks, a 750 RWHP handling 4L60-E, they cost high 2G's to 3G's to duplicate this tranny. Yet alone I am throwing in a Fuddle Racing Perfromance 4000 stall torque converter with it. Buy it here from me today for a mere......

$$$$1,800 obo$$$$

Thanks for looking, I prefer paypal, but I will also accept money orders and cashier's checks.

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Stall Speed?

Does the '4000' indicate stall speed?
If so that would be too high for street use.
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