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Will can only adding steel brakes lines give much of a braking increase or slightly prolong brake fade... thinking of going to steel and dot 4 bake fluid.

Have Hawk pad's... what is 2 or three good options without going to Wilwood big brakes..
At this time i do not track the car, but ..... maybe.

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Correct SS Brake Lines are Goodridge with -3AN connectors from Mallett.

They will offer better modulation and better "feel" to the descerning foot. Will not effect pad performance.

If you are thinking of tracking the car the OEM brakes can be upgraded nicely.

- Cryo'd rotors
- KFP or Carbotech Pads
- Motul 600, AP600, Wilwood EXP or GS610 Racing Brake Fluid
- Goodridge SS Lines with -3AN connectors
- DR front Brake Duct Extension
- Phoenix or LG Motorsport Hub Ducts
- DR SS Caliper Pistons or VB&P F1 vented Titanium tipped Pistons
- Speedbleeders

Optional upgrades:
- MPC H20 injection
- Deburr interior of rotor vanes
- Stress Relieve rotors
- heat release coating for rotor vanes
- heat reflective coating on rotor hub
- heat reflective coating on caliper face
- heat reflective coating on caliper piston face
- anodize caliper piston
- anodize caliper piston bore
- VB&P caliper piston seals

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If you are not tracking the car, I do not think brake mods strictly for the street will be worth the money spent, with the exception of going to a different pad compound.

I went to ceramics for the street simply because they don't dust at all, and was pleasantly surprised to find out that they provide more than adequate stopping power for the type of street driving I do, which can be aggressive. Of course, the ceramics would not work at all at Road America, but all that takes is swapping out to a roadrace pad.

To further answer your street-pad question, if you do require more stopping power than a ceramic, then Hawks or CarboTech 8's will work great, but with LOTS of dusting (..all that dust on the street is just not worth it to me for the gain in stopping power I'll probably never use).
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