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After showing the following posts from Alans1 & 01RedC5 at my dealer decided maybe they would call GM TAN for advice on my sticking brakes. Alans1 & 01RedC5 really described the problem in excellent detail and provided some great inside info from GM.

01RedC5 post:
Detail: The problem that I am having is sometime when I brake normally as I approach a stop I remove my foot from the brake so I can roll the last few feet before stopping without the brakes applied but sometimes the brakes remain on until I stop even though my foot is completely off the brake. After the stop everything seems to release and all is normal.

Alans1 post:
I just had my sticking brake problem fixed this week. After speaking to the service writer when trying to setup an initial appointment, I concluded it was time to call the service manager. He turned out to be a vette owner and after emailing him the threads from the forum he called GM TAN and just ordered me the parts (both booster and gasket). In addition, this past weekend while at the NCRS show in Orlando I had the opportunity to talk to two GM Engineers who knew all about the problem. It seems that GM let the tooling wear out and manufactured parts for the boosters that were out of tolerance. The net effect is that the existing internal spring was insufficient to fully return the pedal to its stop. The problem is at its worst at warmer temperatures. The GM Engineers indicated that if I had any problems getting this repaired I should just have my Dealer call TAN. Once the tooling was fixed GM did not change the part number but simply added a gold or yellow paint dot to the bottom front of the "new" production boosters. There are still defective boosters in the replacement parts inventory. The booster my dealer installed did not have the paint dot. I guess I got lucky and got an "older" unit made before the tooling problems occurred as I finally can drive my new vert without worrying about the brake pedal. They also thought a TSB was out on this problem. Good luck!

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