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Sticky brakes - replace booster?

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i believe i have a sticky brake problem on my Z06. GM Tech Center is suppose to be aware of the problem and says to replace the booster. Does anyone know a houston dealership that is aware of the problem or has fixed on.
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I have the same problem, but I can't find the Tecnical Service Bulletin I heard about a few months ago. Anybody?
Mac Haik @ I10 & Kirkwood replaced mine in early December. Bill Heard in Sugarland is also well aware of the problem. I do not know that GM has ever issued a TSB on the substandard vacuum boosters. Mac Haik had never heard of the problem until I insisted that they call the GM Tech Center. Talk to Harold in service. He should remember my QS Z06. Haik is a low allocation dealer so their Z customers should not be hard to remember.

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