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Stock Stereo...

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Does anyone else out there think it is absolutely terrible.. especially for the price of the vehicle? Within 800 miles the right front speaker blew.. at 2800 miles they rattle terribly under even the lightest bass. I think I'm going to tear it out and replace the whole darn thing as soon as I can afford to. I mean.. it reproduces sound "ok" but is no where near perfect... but I'm just wondering if anyone else is having issues with rattling and busting speakers on medium/high volume applications? (windows down...)

On another note.. has anyone actually replaced/upgraded the headunit and/or speakers thus far? What did you get.. what kind of cost, and how happy are you with the replacements?
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I am almost certain the Z06 came with a downgrade bose stereo than in the regular 2001 C5's (not amps to reduce weight and lesser quality speaker to save cost). The true bose kicks ash. I hope future Z06's get an upgrade. The ZR-1's had the awesome bose system!
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