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I took Wife's BabyBenz in to STONGARD for some Headlight/Foglight clear protection covers today...took only 15 min., no appointment... VERY COOL.. + for $15, got the insurance policy that covers ALL damage and/or replacement of $$$UPER EXPENSIVE M-B headlight/foglight or mirror turn signal units!!! Very reassuring (had these covers on wife's '95 E320 Sedan, rock busted out headlight...replaced at NO cost to us, at M-B dealer + NEW cover...would have cost me: $560!!) to say the least.

But the BIG news was the Clear Bra... I'm am making an appointment to have the SLK &
the Shark done... ASAP!! These are absolutely INVISIBLE! You leave them on...+ AND THEY DON'T FLAP...LOOK UGLY...OR RUIN YOUR PAINT! (my '89 Coupe was damaged on the first trip I took, with a brand new black vinyl bra, to LA) I saw this Clear Bra on an Audi TT, Boxster S, Audi A6 Avant & a Ford could not even tell they had them!

DISCLAIMER: I am NOT an employee of, nor a stockholder in (I don't even know if they offer stock!) the STONGARD Co. Furthermore, I did NOT get anything for free or at ANY discount. I drove in and paid retail.

HarleyB ( for more info
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I've seen these on the web. Though they sounded cool. If you could can you get some pics and post them ?

PA_Z06... unfortunately (or maybe it is FORTUNATELY) you really can't see it once it is on the car! Photos won't show the install.

HarleyB (I'll take some anyway...when I get it installed)
Harley, is this a permanent thing. Do you remove it to wash? I plan to visit them...maybe tomorrow, but if you know, let me know. Thanks /phpBB/images/smiles/icon_biggrin.gif
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You leave it on.
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