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Well I have decided that this is going to be the kit that I build. Taking the front end styling of the C5R and my own designed rear end and rocker panels, this is what it will look like. I should have a front fascia developed and ready to sell in a month or so, and if everything works out right I am figuring the cost at about $699. I will sell the front fascias as I am getting the rest of the kit finished which I am targeting at about $4999. This will include the front and rear fascias, rocker panels, hood, and quarter panels that will be and inch or so wider so you can fit wider tires in there. These quarters will flared slightly but will not change the way the are bolted in so that someone could buy them and use them without having to buy any other part. These rocker panels are designed to have air splitters and a brake duct like the Z06 but with a more subtle design. Let me know if you would be interested in any part of this kit. Thank you.

Jason Godsil
Godsil Performance
(360) 798-8950
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Jason, check these sites out first:

"Exterior Body Parts II"

"Custom C5 Aero Body with Ground Effects"
"Corvette Front Fascia - ACP99003"
"Detachable Front Spoiler - ACP99004"

ACI also makes a smaller front spoiler/splitter but with a smaller bifurcated opening that doesn't involve the front fascia. Personally I prefere the ACP unit. Now if we could only get them to make it in Carbon Fibre and if I can only find a supplier to make a front Stainless Steel Screen that will mount in front of the opening.

ACP also makes side skirts and a rear fascia with integral spoilerand rear skirt.
Also SCAN further down on that page for the Specterworks Rear Fascia and side skirts, I prefere these. Specter Works also makes a wider (by 6") GTR Carbon Fibre kit for racing (84.75") for lots of bucks.

For non pop up lights go to :
CLICK ON their C5 area and Scan to their
100-253 Non-pop up head light kit
also check out their
100-255 Aux. lights
and their
100-247 Aluminum Rear Wing
Ecklers has a wing wing listed but I think this one is better

For a Hood I would check out;

Chuck Mallett has a new line of Carbon Fiber hoods that are awesome and save weight too.

AND!!!!! for the ultimate C5R conversion both Mallett Cars and Katech Engines have a 7.0L C5R engine build up for around $27,000.00!!!! Expect around 620 H.P.!!!!!!Katech has some other great things too.

See the Katech article iat this site or go to :

Good Luck. Have Fun. Drive Safe.
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To look like the C5R you gotta have the wing!
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