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My 2002 had an intermittent sticking throttle. It was just fixed this week.
Symptons were that if I let off on the throttle easily the pedal would return but the fuel would remain cut in enough to give anywhere from 2500-3500 rpm with the clutch in.
After much troubleshooting by my local dealer, GM TAN told them to replace the pedal assembly.
Problem hasn't reoccured in two days driving. They believe it was a bad pedal position sensor in the pedal assembly.
FYI, it took me two trips to a dealer to get it fixed. First dealer claimed they couldn't duplicate the problem. Next time around I waited for it to stick and left it stuck while I drove to my local dealer. Parked it and left it on, idling at 3500 rpm and pulled out the service manager and showed it to him. After they saw the problem, the small time local dealer who has 1 total corvette allocation a year was great.
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