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How about a forum for Z06 wannabee's.
Maybe we could have a page detailing all the Z06 specific equipement that was at first called ugly and questioned, but now considered the latest rage. Then we could go on with installation instructions so these parts can be successfully installed on all the non-Z06's out there. After all, we don't want the posers to install our standard equipment wrong as it might make their cars look silly.

Let's see, we'll need instructions for:<UL TYPE=SQUARE>
[*]Z06 grills
[*]Z06 brake ducts
[*]Z06 wheels with a subsection for chrome wheels
[*]Z06 titanium exhaust
[*]LS6 fuel rail covers
[*]Z06 brake calipers

JK of course.


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Great site!

Suggestions: (I don't know how complicated these would be to implement, but I think they would enhance the forum)

1. Some sort of indicator (like the color of the folder or the flame) so that once you logged in, it would show which threads you had replied to. Similar to searching by username but would be apparent without having to do the search.

2. Currently, posts that are new since the last time a user checked in are highlighted in red. But if the last time you checked in you didn't even look at say Z06 Racing, and this time you do, there might be some posts that don't show up red, even though you never saw them as new. Maybe there could be a way to register the posts as new based on individual sections of the forum.

As I stated before, I don't know how complex these changes would be. If they aren't overly burdensome, I think they would be great.

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