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suspension setup??

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I recently bought a new ZO6 with the intent to begin racing autocross. Word is the ZO6's suspension can be setup to accommodate race tracks, conditions, and the driver. Is there anywhere I can get good information on how make these suspension adjustments and which adjustment help what conditions?

Any help would be appreciated!
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We have several racers here on the Forum. When they check in, they will be glad to help you.

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The ride height and alignment are easily adjusted. I'm not sure what else you may be referring to. -1 degree camber all around works well for me along with the ride height bolts being lowered just shy of the max. setting. I'm sure someone else may be more knowledgeable. Welcome to the Forum.

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You're going to have fun with this gang!

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Thanks Zippy,
I believe I can figure out how to lower my car (adjustable studs), but I have no idea what you mean by -1 degree camber. That is why I was wandering if there was any information out there that I got read to get familiar with the Z06's suspension setup. I am very new to this, but very willing to learn.

Thanks for the warm welcome!
-1 degree camber is just a reference to a part of the suspension alignment settings. Negative 1 degree camber will have the top of each tire leaning inward and will increase the car's cornering ability at the expense of some tire wear.
Are you refering to the toe-in and toe-out (camber)? How do I adjust the camber and how do I find out the max lowering setup? Any help would be appreciated.

I'm not referring to toe. Camber is the relationship of the tire and wheel to a vertical axis. You will need to get all 3 alignment specs for the Z06 (toe, camber, caster) and go to a good alignment shop. The camber spec is neg. .75 degrees. Neg. 1 degree as I suggested will give you more cornering grip, with some additional tire wear.

The ride height in the rear is lowered by backing off the nut until at least 2 threads show above the nut. In another words, make sure the nut is still fully threaded on the bolt. In the front, you turn the bolt so that the space between the transverse leaf spring and the suspension piece is closed up. This lowering will give you about 3/4 of an inch without much change in the ride. It will have a side effect of adding some neg. camber, which is what you want. Ron M.
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