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This is related to another thread I posted, but right now I need to fix my primary problem.

I was installing the Raptor shift light on my '04 and was using the instrument cluster wiring harness to locate the tach signal wire. As I was cutting the coating off a few wires to check for the signal, I noticed my tachometer and voltometer were no longer working. Then I got a "low voltage" warning on the DIC.

Needless to say I've obviously f'd something up. All of the wires in the instrument cluster harness are intact. Some of the wires are exposed from testing for the tach signal, but none are snipped in half and look fine, and none of the exposed wires were touching each other.

Could I have blown a fuse or something? I hate doing a simple install like this and then something else goes to shit! :flaming:

Thanks in advance for your help!
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