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Sometimes we field many Technical Questions in this part of the Forum that are mainly requests for Basic and General Info & Data, Technical Specifications and Torque Specs.

IF you have a question relating to DE's or Drive Education Events on a Race Course, Racing, Competition, Drags, Road Racing, Auto Cross, Racing Rules and Preparing your car for
such events it is better directed to the Racing Forum on this site where experts can help you directly.

I also encourge the following reading material:

- Helms Service Manual for your particular year of car.
- "Chevy LS1/LS6 Performance" by Chris Endres, HP BOOKS
- "How to Build High Performance Chevy LS1/LS6 V-8's"
by Will Handzel, CARTECH Publishing.
- "OEM & Racing Brake System Technology" by Mavrigian &
Carley, HP BOOKS.
- "How to Make Your Race Handle" by Fred Pugh, HP BOOKS
- "Drive to Win" Carroll Smith
- "Prepare to Win" Carroll Smith
- "Engineer to Win" Carrol Smith
- "Screw to Win - Race Fasteners & Materials" Carrol Smith
- SCCA General Competition Rules (GCR's)
- SCCA Solo II Rule Book

We of course will be happy to discuss, clarify and further expound this data on this Forum.
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Not open for further replies.