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There seems to be a lot of talk about the dreaded surging problem. I would like to share my experinces and fix for my 3 cars.
Case #1 2000 FRC Mongoose 460
In late Feb. 2000 I made a bottom feeding cold air system for my Donaldson filter. When cruising at about 55 mph in 4th gear 2500 rpms) the car had a slight surging. At this time no one that I know of had a ram air for the Donaldson so I called Ron at Pro Auto Tech that sells the Donaldson and asked if he would be interested in the system. I already had an appointment for his 460 package in May. Well I drove the car down in March and we tested the box, he was driving the car while I was holding his Tech II and to his surprise we reached ambient temperature. He was also impressed with the way the car ran and wanted to do my 460 package then (he felt that this could be his first 400+ rwhp none stroker LS1 and it was). Well after doing the head & cam package he could not get the car to run for crap, at the same 2500 rpms the car was not surging but bucking as though it was running out of gas. When testing with the Tech II again he was getting readings from the MAF that were not normal. The tempory fix, Tiffany placed a piece of cardboard between the Donaldson and the air scope in the fan shroud.
Case #2 2000 FRC Mongoose 400
With this car the surging was not too bad put there, as a filter element I had the K&N oval shaped filter some times called the LS1 filter by such vendor as Ecklers.
Case #3 2001 Z06
No problems because I had already gone through it twice before.
My Fix
These are all bottom feeder systems (and it does not matter which make you have) with MAF screens removed.
Air and water are both filtered the same way and the natural movement of both is the same, circular.
I build huge aquariums and filters for a living and if my filtration systems can keep 1000 gallon saltwater aquariums alive I must be doing something right.
The fix for these cars was very simple, it is called a round filter. When you force air into an element that is oval or rectangular the air can not move in that natural smooth circular direction, it is now bouncing all over the place and without a MAF screen to smooth it out, (SURGING).
My cars use a round K&N Filter with open sides only (round filters that also have an open front can sometimes cause this problem because the air is coming from 2 differrent directions) and I have no surging problems anymore with all 3 cars.
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