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I said I would not come back to this site for reasons that I will not discuss, but I wanted my friends and all Zaino users to be the first to get this info.

ZFX is a revolutionary new polish enhancement additive that's exclusive
to the Zaino Show Car Polish system. There's never been anything quite
like ZFX, and here's why:

All polish, sealant and wax protection systems must "cure" before they
can effectively protect your paint. Once cured, all paint protection
systems begin to deteriorate. The rate of deterioration depends on many
factors, including the chemicals used, bonding qualities, weather,
washing, and use of the car.

A very few specialty paint protection systems can be layered to increase

protection and paint appearance. Layer-able systems must cure prior to
application of subsequent coats. Depending on the product, cure time may

take a few hours or a few days.

For lasting protection, most synthetic sealants are formulated to be
hard. If not properly designed, synthetic sealants may crack, yellow or
distort the optics of the paint surface.

ZFX is a Zaino Show Car Polish acceleration and appearance additive. It

offers near-instant cure time, reduced surface distortion, enhanced
polish flexibility, and improved bonding to both paint and additional
layers of Show Car Polish. In simple terms, ZFX vastly improves paint
surface appearance and increases polish durability.

ZFX is the product of more than 30 years experience painting show cars.

Professional painters add chemicals and compounds to their paint mix
prior to painting to improve paint flexibility, reduce paint
imperfections, increase hardness, and improve gloss. We applied this
same line of thinking in the development of ZFX. The result is a
stunning professional show car finish with less effort, no waiting and
longer-lasting results.

ZFX can be used with any of our Show Car Polish products, including
Z-2, Z-3 and Z-5. Plus, ZFX makes using Z-1 PreLok unnecessary on cars
that have been clayed and thoroughly cleaned with Dawn dishwashing

When we say "acceleration," we mean it! Adding ZFX to any one of our
Show Car Polishes prior to use is like kicking an F-14 Tomcat into
afterburner. The competition just can't compete... we'll shoot them down

every time. Perfect shine, less time -- guaranteed!

Info and pricing on ZFX is on the Zaino web site at and is available NOW, and will be available through your local distributors in the next week or so.
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