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The Z06 is the Highest Quality Car I Have Ever Owned

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With all of the negativity I have seen dispelled by a limited number of people, who have lemons, I thought I would post how I feel about my car. Sorry to hear about the handful of lemons, however, my car has been perfect. I feel there are not enough posts from the satisfied customers, which most owners appear to be, from most of the reactions I have gotten to my various posts. I feel that someone who was looking on the forums for information wouldn't want to buy a Z06 after seeing some of the posts at the various forums. It seems the few with problems are trying to make the car out to be a POS. I just wanted to reiterate, to those of you that may be considering one, that this car has the best handling, acceleration and brakes of any car I have owned. Additionally, my paint is exceptional, and the body of my car looks like a red mirror. The quality and fit and finish of my car are oustanding. So for anyone considering the Z06, don't let the few with problems stop you from buying the bargain of a century. Keep in mind that the satisfied customers don't seem to feel compelled to post about it. In the five months I have owned my car it has been perfect and I would not hesitate to recommend this car to my best friend. Just my $.02.
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<<It seems the few with problems are trying to make the car out to be a POS.>>

Since you're talking about me, I'll just reply here. I'm not trying to make the car out to be anything - believe me I'd love to have a problem free car. I'm just reporting my experience, and by all means I really appreciate the support and help people here have given me. Please note my subject was "My Z06...", not "The Z06..." like your subject title. I've made no generalizations.

<<this car has the best handling, acceleration and brakes of any car I have owned.>>

No argument there! That's probably the main reason people buy this car.

Bravo! Great post! I too feel for those who have had an unhappy experience with their Z. I don't blame others who have had to vent. They are doing all of us a service in numerous ways by posting their problems.

I have had two very minor problems in my 2,250 miles and 6 months ownership. Both were taken care of to my complete satisfaction by two different Chevy dealers.
BTW - Chevy service has had plenty of heat here too!

Let's all hope that those with major disappointments will make the corvette a better car ultimately through their posts.

To the large majority of us who are happy Z06 owners - just keep on /phpBB/images/smiles/icon_biggrin.gif

See less See more a potential buyer of the '02 z06 it is doesn't paint a pretty picture for the car. after you spend 50K+ you at least like it to function in a normal fashion and more importantly have some level of service behind the problem(s) from the manufacturer.

and i'm not saying that other manufactureres do not have their own problems, as i'm sure they ALL do!

i'm not sure what i'm getting to???, but all cars have problems, the z06 included. i guess i just have to keep this in mind when i buy one.

I've been on a bunch of different car and motorcycle forums and It's always the same......those with problems do the most posting. It's only natural because they are looking for solutions to fix their vehicles. There are 100 times as many satisfied customers who don't have anything to complain about.
What Z06Scott said.

Mine has been 99.9% perfect. Got to say that. Not one single problem to date. Car drives like a go-cart with a ton of power.

For the guys out there reading the negative, you should check in with the majority of owners.

My .02,

I recall last October when I was deciding on the purchase of a Z06, and was reading posts about Column Locks, sticky brakes, fuel gauge problems, etc., I almost decided against the purchase! Well, now that I have the car, I have been most pleasantly surprised, and would caution all that read posts about such problems to realize these are problems in most cases that are affecting very few cars. Also, most problems are readily corrected, and are not serious.
I do feel for those that have problems and wish them the best in having them resolved, so that they may get to some serious driving time behind the wheel of the best Corvette built to date!
My Z06 has been flawless, except for one minor glitch at delivery.

I just put a half quart of oil in for the first time at 5000 miles.

This car has much better quality than my wife's Mercedes E-430 Sport, which has been to the dealer three times on a flatbed!!

9th Corvette
67MMBB Roadster, 465HP LS6 powered
01 Z0.06, 385HP LS-6 powered
I feel overall they really did their homework on this one (lemons assembled on Friday PM excluded). I tried to buy a vette twice in the past and found some nagging problems that would "hundred dollar you to death" as the saying goes. I'm still pinching myself from the pure grins.
There does seem to be some objective data to support your claim that the Corvette is a high quality car. I haven't found any data specific to the Z06, but here's some objective data about the C5 base model quoted from USA Today:

"The 2000-model Corvette -- predating the Z06 but nearly identical to the standard '01 model -- was well above average quality in the latest J.D. Power and Associates survey. Owners of Corvettes registered March and April told Power they had an average of 139 problems per 100 cars the first 90 days of ownership, tied with Lexus SC coupe. Industry average: 157."


And another quote:

"- J.D. Power & Associates Initial Quality Study (number of owner-reported problems in first 90 days; lower number is better): Chevrolet vehicle line: 168 (industry average 154); Corvette: 113.

- Consumer Reports Predicted Reliability: above average. "

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Short & Sweet...Love My Z!! /phpBB/images/smiles/icon_biggrin.gif /phpBB/images/smiles/icon_biggrin.gif /phpBB/images/smiles/icon_biggrin.gif
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