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Thinking of selling the Tail Gunner I've had for a while before I end up turning it into either a man cave chair or desk. Got it a few years ago when I had the Z06(still do but another thread coming on that lol) but have never gotten around to doing anything with it so just wanted to see if anyone had any interest in buying since these are long out of production and seem to be like trying to find hens teeth. Will sell with or without Euro tail light set-up(has complete harness), of course as you can see clear coat has flaked off top(which makes it easier for repaint anyhow lol)tires seem to be leaking air also, so either throw a couple fix a flats in these , throw a couple cheapies on or trailer it. Most like fit in bed of pick up. Which that is minimal anyhow, trailer itself is the prize. Fully carpeted inside(sorry for all leaves inside wind was blowing and trees shedding it seemed that day).

If interested shoot me a message or offer, text probably easier 804-925-9141
Bill I'm in King George Va


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