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Holden Special Vehicle (Division of GM in Austrialia) dynoed our TRIC on a 2000 LS1 and got 22 HP. They actually dynoed each component vs its stock counterpart:

Halltech Ported Throttle Body: 2.5 HP peak gain vs stock. 5 HP at redline vs stock. Exactly what we show on the dyno.

Halltech 76 mm MAF ends: 5 HP vs stock with screen. Coincidentally, I understand that the new Z06 will not be using a screened MAF.

The balance of the HP came from our TRIC/MAG combo.

Katech has our TRIC/MAG and SideWinder on their dyno with their C5R 427 steet engine. It will be interesting to see the comparison, when they finish. They will be offering our system as an option with this street package, if the testing shows postitive results.

Jim Hall

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