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Tire spares

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They have an inside and an outside (molded right into the tire), but are non directional.

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Yes, the tires are right and left specific. Also, someone has started offering a partition to separate the trunk from the passenger compartment. I can't seem to find the link right now but I saw it mentioned either here or on the Corvette Forum within the last few days. You should be able to find it.


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Yes, they are left and right specific tread.

This is from tire rack:

Chevrolet’s Corvette ZO6 model is equipped with Goodyear’s most recent Eagle F1
Supercar tires. The Corvette ZO6 tires are heavily focused on dry road performance and
feature an asymmetric tread design with huge tread blocks on the outside shoulders.
The use of an asymmetric only tread design requires two tires for the Corvette ZO6
(front and rear). The tires for the Corvette ZO6 do not incorporate Goodyear’s Extended
Mobility Technology (EMT) and do not offer run-flat capabililities.

Also I got and email with pics from this guy:

Corvette Partition 98-2001 FRC

This piece is now available for Z06 owners, also a hinged rear center cover for the trunk.It reduces Tire and rear end noise by
over 40%,allows the Frc owner to actually have a trunk,It removes quickly w/snaps at the top and velcro at the bottom
Weights 8lbs and is covered in the same black as the door panels(on front side)and the same carpet from interior
of the trunk(trunkside).If you are interested in my product ,please email me at [email protected] or call me
at 972-768-9666 .I also recommend the LLoyd Cargo Matt to complement it .I took these pics of Ram Air Tony's car
after his install.

Andy Mages
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Clarification on the "Z06" F1 tires...I received one front and one rear from tire last week. These are not "directional" tires. The front and rear tires are used for either left or right sides. There are "other" F1 supercar tires that are "directional" where both left and right side tires are required but these tires are not made for the Z06. Question??? Call the tirerack...1-888-541-1777...ext 398...ask for Martin.


Since my Z06 is my only car now, I thought it might be prudent to have front and rear tires on hand as spares. Are the F1 supercar tires right and left specific? If not, why does tirerack list left?

Bonus question - is there a partition available to block the view into the trunk?

Thanks for the help.

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