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Well, I took my car to Toronto Motorsports Park (Cayuga) Dragway last weekend. My car is a bone stock '02 Z with just over 45,000 Kms. This was my first time at the track with a RWD car (last car was FWD).

I did two runs right off the bat then parked it to let it cool down. First run was a 12.55 and the second was a 12.6X, both with 2.0XX 60' times. I was impressed, to say the least, as two buddies of mine with LS1 SS Camaros who have lots of seat time at the dragstrip are usually running 2.1 60' times (radial tires and gears only). A 2.0X is a major accomplishment for them!

Anyway, best run of the night was a 12.24 with a 1.93 60' time. My problem lies with the trap speeds... my 12.24 pass was with a trap speed of only 114 MPH - that just sounds wrong... I was expecting to see somewhere between 116-118 MPH. Am I crazy, or is the timing equipment at the big end not working properly???

Oh yeah... there was a guy there with a stock '03 Z who had never been to the track before, ever. He couldn't get his car into the 13's. THE 13'S!!! I couldn't imagine this car running a 14-something, but he was doing it. I thought of asking him if he'd like me to make a pass in his car just to see if it was working alright... !!!
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