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Toyo tires for the ZO6

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While watching Speedvision tonight, during the Speedvision Cup race they talked about the spec tires which were Toyo Proxes T1-S. Since there were a couple of ZO6's in the race it figures that they would make the tires in the stock size. When I checked their website, they do list the stock sizes. Does anyone have experience with these tires and where can you buy them?
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If you read my post on 1" wider wheels (keeping in mind I have a "regular" C5 and not a Z06), I mentioned my choice of tire was Toyo Proxes T1-S. I have 265/40/17 front and 295/35/18 rear. They should be mounted soon and I can then give you a report on how I like them.

My Nittos performed surprisingly well at VIR this past weekend, but I think the Toyos are a level above them and are on par with Bridgestone Pole Positions.

I got mine from John at - I paid $948 for all four in these sizes, which is pretty reasonable.

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