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Trade '01 for '02

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I'll be doing annual trades 2002 and 2003...keep the 2003 Z06(assuming it is the last C5) and purchase 2005 C6 as the second vette.

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I'm keeping the Shark. It's not worth it to me for 20 hp. If I had a '99 or '00 C5, I might wait for a 2002... but it's kind of cool to have The AUTOMOBILE Of The Year 2001. The 2002 will just be year #2. All the scale models will be of the '01. If they change the wheels (another Z rumor), all the models won't reflect the change. Small points, but they add up. Hell, I kept my '89 Auto Coupe for 8 years... THIS car is going to entertain me for quite some time! How much $$$$ for 5% increase??


'73 Silver Roadster -gone
'89 Red Coupe -gone
'01 Quicksilver/Black Z06 •SilverShark•
'01 SLK320 Silver 6-Speed -Wife's vert/coupe
1 - 1 of 13 Posts
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