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I'm a regular over at and I've come over because I'm looking to trade my perfect condition, Chrome 18 in Z06 replica wheels with 275/35/18 Nitto 555 tires, with only 4000 miles on them.

I would like to trade them for OEM Z06 17 x 9.5 wheels, with or without tires,chrome, polished, or silver.

We can work out any differences in price that may come up.

I realize that most Z06s have 17s on front and 18s on back, so, if need be, I am willing to break up the set and trade in pairs.

The wheels are flawless and in perfect condition. There is only one small ding on the inside of the lip that faces the tire. You'll see how insignificantly small it is in the photos and wonder why I even mentioned it. I just like there to be no surprises as to the condition of the wheels

The tires have at least 90% of the tread left.
They even have a transferable road hazard replacement warranty thats good for the life of tires. All you need to do is call discount tire direct and they'll send you out a new tire at no cost. Only randomly will they ask for the damaged tire back, if they do want it they pay for shipping for you to send it to them. Basically it means you get a tire for free whenever you want it. (If the set is traded in pairs, the warranty and neccessary paperwork will go to the first trader)

I purchased the wheels and tires mounted and computer balanced from Discount Tire Direct in July of 2003. One of the reasons they're in such good condition is I only drove the Camaro a few days a week when I lived in Wisconsin and I also removed the wheels in the winter when I stored it.

If you were to buy these brand new from Discount Tire Direct it would cost $1900 with no replacement warranty. With the warranty its $2000 and with shipping its $2065.

If anyones interested I will sell these for $1400.

Pictures available to be emailed.

Any questions> PM or [email protected] or ukrainelane on AIM

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