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Has anyone heard of putting a bolt-on hitch on the '06. Is it possible? If so, what kind and where to get? I have a jet ski that we bring down to the coast often and I'd like to be able bring the black ground jet down at the same time without having to bring another vehicle.


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Hello everybody. Brand new to the forum. I am also wondering how to carry more luggage when I go home on leave. I currently don't have a Vette right now. Hopefully next summer. I'm in the Air Force stationed in Cheyenne, WY. I'm originally from East Tennessee. So I have kind of a long trip to make when I go home every year. A while back I had seen an ad in a vette magazine for this company that makes body style trailers for vette's. It looked they cut the back end off a Z06/conv, put wheels, tires, and a hitch on it so you could attach it to the back of the car. I've been looking for that ad in every vette magazine I can find and can't find that ad again. Has anybody seen that?
It might be that. I clicked on one of the links in that page to get a different view from the back and I believe the ones I saw in that ad were actually the same width as the car. Not really that important of an issue to me, just curious.
1 - 2 of 10 Posts
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