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I know, everyone want dyno numbers first, but we are moving the TRICs out at $579.00 for one week only.

It looks like January will be our biggest month ever, and we want the forum to have the TRIC at our lowest pricing ever.

The TRIC System (Tunnel Ram Induction Cold-Air) is Halltech's exclusive patented bottom breather, which up until the T-1 dominated the intake wars.

In 2001, we sold over 850 TRIC Intakes to Z06 owners. Now we have the same raw HP for the 02.

What are the differences between the TRIC and the T-1? The T-1 and the TRIC both use the Carbon Fiber Max Airflow Generator (MAG) for a straight shot at the Throttle Body. The T-1 utilizes a carbon fiber 90-degree elbow with enables direct cold air from the driver's side air ducting, but it is still an underhood water protected system. It is dyno and track proven to make 367 RWHP with no other mods and high elevens.

The TRIC is proven at the track, with three sub 12 second members onboard the Halltech 11 Second Club, but we have yet to dyno test the TRIC on our 2002. One customer got 373 RWHP.

If you already have the T-1 and want just the TRIC and filter (New Z1000) the pricing is also very low. $329.00 for the TRIC and filter, without the MAG, since you already have the MAG.

You will also get the template, instructions, and full tech support.

Remember, to access this pricing, log on as a forum member. Register first.

Jim Hall

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