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I was up in Kokomo Indiana today for a Corvette AutoX event. There were 7 Z06's there (including mine). One was under a cover and I never saw it, but looking under the back of it I saw it had the Penske shocks, no exhaust past the point where you sit (pipes curved down), and Fiske rims. I think it was a 2001.

One of the guys lives about 5 miles south of Frank (fcalmes), I think he will be joining Z06Vette soon. He has a white/mod-red 2001 he bought used with 300 miles on it. He only uses it for AutoX.

Another guy with a black 2001 is on, but I forget his name (sorry). Him and his wife race the 2001 with number 24 on the window.

There was a red/mod-red 2002 that they guy just bought, he's trying to sell his 2001.

I watched them racing, but I didn't see any numbers. The guy with the white 2001 said his back-end wanted to come out on the back straight when it hit the power-band. He drives with AH/TC off.

They wanted me to race mine, but as much as I'd love too, I'm not ready at this point.

Too bad it was raining and wet.

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I was the one with the Black Z06 with my sister was the other driver.

The red Z06 and I were the fastest cars there (stock Z06's on Hoosiers). The red was a 2002 and ours was a 2001.

It was a two day event and there was a high speed course and a lower more precisioned driving course ( if hitting the rev limiter in 2nd can be called low speed). Fortunate for me I had the fastest time of day on each course. When you look at some of the cars we competed against you get a good feeling about the Z06 right from the factory. Modified LT4s, Race Prepared C4 etc.

It was nice seeing you there and anyone who want to have fun we will be there next month on Sept. 22-23.

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Thanks Gordy M, sorry I forgot your 'handle'.
It was nice meeting you too.

I had a lot of fun up there despite the rain. We'll probably be back up on the 22nd.

You looked fast out there, so did the Grand Sport with the matching side pips, the black ZR1, and the race-prepped white C4. I'm glad you did well!

It is cool how well a stock Z06 can do, that is why I bought one!

Did you see the red Z06 on the trailer? Did it ever race? It might have been an '01. I talked to the guy with the '02 Z06 before everything got started.

See you next time! You should have come to the Z06Forum BBQ 2 weeks ago, I'm sure everyone would have loved to talk about racing!
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