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Two (2) EB at Bloomington Gold

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I spent yesterday (Saturday) at Bloomington Gold. WOW Bigger and Better than last year. Last year it was 100 degrees this year in the high 70's.

Chevy had TWO (2) EB Z06's there. Not ONE but TWO. Beautiful color. IMHO it will need chrome wheels to realy set it off.

Just my guess but at least 3000+ vettes there. Every year, color, option, mod, you name it, it was there.

#3 C5R was there also along with a 63' Z06.

Met up with Z06Vette forum member C5Venom (Ken). Sorry Zippy and Frank couldn't make it. Ken bought lunch and even let me pick the place. Well, once a year I get one of these deep fried "GRISSLE" sandwiches at Bloomington. Well Ken I'm sorry if you stomach hurts like mind did.

BTW....I only bought $600+ of chrome parts on this trip plus a West Coast Vettes Power Duct, a vette clock, T-shirts, etc, etc. Your normal go to look at vettes and spending over a grand. I need to take the wife to keep the spending down. Maybe next year I'll let her go........LMAO

You each get one guess what dummy took his digital camera but left the memory stick at home, therefore no PICS.

Later, George

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George really set me up, Frank. We met at the West Coast Corvettes trailer. While we were waiting for Zippy, Black Magic started telling me about the products AND what a good buy today ONLY! Well after lunch, I went back to that trailer and ....well Frank you know the rest. $350.00 spends pretty fast!! NOW I know how our wives feel when they go shopping! Zippy & Frank, we'll catch you both at the next major event and lunch will be on me!!! Safe mottoring to you all. And George, thanks again for the good time and "coaching"!!! IS this a great country or what? Ken-
Frank, you've got mail!
1 - 2 of 11 Posts
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