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Quote from FL6:
I went to the Corvette Challenge last night at Moroso in Jupiter Florida.

I have a Auto C6 with the 3.15 axle, Corsa Sport and a Vortex Intake.

My first two practice runs were in the 12.55's at almost 111mph.

We had a headwind of almost 25mph.

My car is a monster with ONLY two mods! Too bad I need to work on my reaction times.

That was a good run, in front of all the Corvette owners for the challenge. Seems like there is no arguing that the Vortex ram induction system works. We have seen this car go from solid 13.0's to solid 12.55's with the Vortex system. Congrats James.

As for us we were able to hit a best of 11.12 On our 3rd run we were going for the high 10's but was stopped by the tires spinning of the line. Looks like we are going to try at BG this coming weekend.

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