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two used zo6 available in tpa bay area

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reading the st pete times
chevy 2001 corvette 206 pkg.(i think they made a mistake on the 206) 6 spd all extras 1800 mi showroom cond.$47,981
autoway chevy 727 531 5831

corvette 2001 zo6
silver/ int. every option perfect cond 1 owner 1500 mi. $47,900 813 909 8404

this makes me wonder where these cars are coming from ? also how close the prices are to each other !there is no blue book on these yet

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OK SumoWoody, you sell chevy's, what would be your offer on a trade of Z06. 2001 for 2002? Thanks.

Z06,Red,Modified Red.Stock for now.
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