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two used zo6 available in tpa bay area

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reading the st pete times
chevy 2001 corvette 206 pkg.(i think they made a mistake on the 206) 6 spd all extras 1800 mi showroom cond.$47,981
autoway chevy 727 531 5831

corvette 2001 zo6
silver/ int. every option perfect cond 1 owner 1500 mi. $47,900 813 909 8404

this makes me wonder where these cars are coming from ? also how close the prices are to each other !there is no blue book on these yet

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High Test
I knew a guy that liked to "buy" a car, sign all the paperwork and make NO payments on the car. His plan was to have a brand new car and run the crap out of it for a while until they came knocking on his door. This was a long time ago and he got away with it using aliases, etc. Either one of those cars or both could have been put through the same experience. As Zippy mentioned, these cars should be meticulously inspected prior to anyone buying one.
There are other reasons for low mileage "new cars" being turned back in (lost job, personal injury not related to the car, death!, etc.) but I'd spend a few bucks for an independent inspection service before I bought one.....


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