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unique Z06 picture shows screens and air damn

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This picture shows the screens, like my last one didn't. It also shows the front air damn in a way I've never seen. I never even knew what i looked like--too far to bend down and look. I also like the way you can see the seat emblems.

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VERY NICE!!! I love those screens! Very Clean!

Dave Schotz
2001 Z-06 White w/Mod Red
Solo 2 SS Class #39 that a squished bug on the front!? hahahaa

Great Pic!!! I love it!
AWESOME picture!!!!!

Kevin D.
T/R Z06 with Red/Black Interior.
Halltech Titanium TRIC, Red Kevlar/Black CF Magic
SPDY, please stop killing us with your mouth watering pictures of that silver stunner!

'01 Torch Red/Torch Red Z06
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Wow... again


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Mine's a little fuzzy and overexposed. Hey that describes my lizard to a tee.


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