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1st off I wanted to thank everyone for their responses to me on my college questions and questions where I can see some Z's, you guys are really great.

But here is another story. I was driving around my town and as I was driving in the corner of my eye I saw a black Vette parked, so I looked to the side and saw red calipers..WOAHHHHH its a Z. So I went around the block and parked behind it....I took a nice stroll around it and admired it...Only problems with the car, you could pretty much tell the guy didn't take too much care of it, it was a bit dirty and had a parking tickit (Street sweeper)....But besides that it was the highlight of my day, my stomach is still turning from looking at it....God I love those tires, those exhaust tips, that body....It might be the most enjoyable things to look at.
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