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Thanks for everyone's comments and assistance on that pain-in-the-ass scratch on my new EB.

Took a recommendation from the Porsche/Audi list on the Arroyo Auto Company in North Hollywood. Talked with Rafael (the owner) for an hour or two, and they're going to do it for *less* than the Chevy dealership quoted me, plus they're not going to remove the roof like morons. I'm taking it in next Monday.

Based on the good company my Z06 was in (late model F550 Barchetta, mid 80's Aston Martin, etc.) I believe its definitely the right place.

I'm also having them install the 3M stongard material on the wheel wells to prevent chipping. The owner showed me some work he was doing on the Ferrari Barchetta.

Also, I had TWO porsche owners there (911 turbo and GT2) remark on how *badly* they wanted a Z06, but settled on the 911 when they couldnt locate one.

My head is definitely in need of some deflation now.

thanks again,

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