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We've recently updated our website to include our latest HD DTE Differential options and prices, along with a number of individual HD internal components we've designed and engineered over the last 3 years for you to select from that are now available to the public. Many of you folks have already purchased these items by specifically asking for them when you've called, we've just never had them "listed" on our website yet...until just now. The HD individual components you see listed are the very same products we use to build our popular HD DTE Differentials to date that many of you own now. We've got a few more internal HD items that will also be added in a few days as time permits.

Gear Ratio Chart
Additionally, we've now included a gear ratio/vehicle speed/engine RPM chart for all our popular gear ratios for both automatic and manual transmission configurations that we've compiled using our extensive experience in real-world applications over the last three years. You'll now be able to make a more informed decision of which gear ratio will suit your needs by using this accurate chart as a guideline. :)

As always, we're still building and accepting 2 or 3-series cores for upgrades, so please call the office with any questions and have a nice day folks! :)

HD DTE Differential Menu

HD DTE Internal Components

Best Regards,
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