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Looking at all the subsystems on the C6 Z06; I think the brakes are the first things that need to be upgraded for the track or competition.

Although they have been upgraded and made larger from the C5 Z06 and C6 there is still and is necessary room for improvement before the car can be tracked. The size of the rotors and calipers have been increased, however, we will have to look at the OEM Metallurgy. The cross drilling is very suspect for track use. The cross drilled rotors may hold up under AutoX condition which generates high heat but in short duration, probably not for long duration track events.

We intend to offer a number of upgrades to the system

Common Basics:
- Racing Fluid: Motul 600, AP600, EXP600 or GS610
- Racing pads in either R or AutoX compounds:KFP, PFC
- Bleed System and ABS using Tech II Analyser

Classes requiring OEM parts: ALL of the above +
_ Rotors:
-- Check runout
-- 3 step Cryo with final heat treat
-- Deburr Interior vanes (Extrude Hone)
-- Camfer Cross drilled holes (Mech. or Extrude Hone)
-- USC* Interior Vane Heat Release Coating
-- USC* Hub Flange Heat Barrier Coating
-- Thermal Stress Relieved
-- Mech. Stress Relieved
_ Calipers:
-- Bluerpint Tolerances
-- MicroHone & Clear Anodize Caliper Piston Bore
-- Clear Anodize Caliper Piston Skirt
-- USC* Coat Caliper Piston Face with Heat Barrier
-- Install Improved Caliper Piston Seals
-- USC* Interior Caliper Heat Barrier Coating
-- Install Titanium Hardware
-- Mech. Stress Relieved
_ SS Speedbleeders:
_ Brake Lines:
-- Install Aramid Brake Lines

*Undetectable Stealth Coating

Classes allowing unlimited parts;
_ Rotors: ALL of the above +
-- Ball Milled Slotted ONLY Rotors with improved Metallurgy
-- as above but with offset CNC Rotor Hats
-- Regular Coating instead of USC*
_ Calipers: ALL of the above +
-- Regular Coating instead of USC*
-- RED Anodize Calipers
-- Exterior Caliper Heat Release USC Coating
-- Install SS Caliper Pistons OR
-- Install F1 Vented Titanium Caliper Pistons
_ SS Speedbleeders:
-- Install
_ Brakelines:
-- Install SS Braided -3AN Teflon lined Brake Lines
_ Cooling:
-- Install Front Brake Duct Extension
-- Install Front Brake Spindel/Hub
-- Install Rear Brake Duct Hose Extension to Hub
-- Install Water Injection System
_ Master Cylinder:
-- Install Larger Reservoir
-- Install Braided SS Vacume Line

The other option is to offer a Big Brake Kit.

Comments ??

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I would just like some solid rotors. That would make me feel better.
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